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Gaming ram

AITC’s gaming ram can automatically identify the host platform and overclocked to the highest frequency, play game for a long time can still keep low temperature. It’s no need to adjust the voltage when running the computer (its operating voltage is 1.2V) can achieve higher speed, so that the system of other hardware power supply more spare.

Solid State Drive

AITC’s SSD support Windows optimization instructions, you can directly delete the flash memory on the storage of data, free space after release, for subsequent system write data used immediately, thus more speed transfer and write performance, within excellent seismic effect can be stable under the worst conditions of operation.

Desktop ram

AITC’s desktop memory series adhere to the high-quality particles, through rigorous manufacturing process and strict testing procedures, excellent performance experience super high-performance pleasure!

Laptop ram

AITC for the NB computer tailored 100% compatible, while replace the laptop achieving the highest efficiency of use! And plug-and-play, with excellent stability offer the system more smooth operation.

Server ram

AITC server memory ram is specially designed for servers and workstations which need stable operation. Built-in ECC error correction function greatly reduces calculation errors in multi-function operation, and adopts top-level components and particles to exhibit excellent compatibility and stability.

Charging / Data Cable

The new generation AITC charging/data cable, launch 2 shocking products – 2 in 1 Lightning mix Micro-USB cable and 3 in 1 Multifunction TF card reader cable, both have their own characteristics, its biggest common point is to bring you the most convenient technology experience!